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AIRHEART A New American Musical

Music and Lyrics by BRAD FREY and JULIA EDELMAN
Orchestrations by BRAD FREY
Produced by The Royal Crown Players on SRM Records

AIRHEART is an original musical with music composed by Brad Frey, the director for the Royal Crown Players along with Julia Edelman, a Roslyn High School senior who wrote the story and lyrics. The musical, a work of fiction based on historical facts, unlocks many of the famous aviatrix’s contributions, emotions, affairs of the heart, ideas and aeronautical feats. AIRHEART also attempts to answer the question of what happened to Amelia Earhart and what might have happened had she survived. AIRHEART premiered on March 24th at Roslyn High School.. 

BRAD FREY composed and scored this theatrical presentation. His career in music is notable for its great versatility as well as substance. As composer, he has scored three musicals, WHAMMY (1988), TIANANMEN (1996) and AIRHEART (2011). Brad holds the position as Choral and Theater Director at Roslyn High School, Roslyn Heights, NewYork, where he has both musically and theatrically directed over forty productions. His choirs have performed at Avery Fisher Hall, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum and Shea Stadium. Mr. Frey is a graduate of Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh. 

JULIA EDELMAN wrote the book and lyrics for AirHeart. When she was fifteen she published her first novel, Tea Parties and Catfish (2009). She grew up in New York and now studies at McGill University in Montreal. This is her first time writing a musical and collaborating with Brad Frey.

This original soundtrack recording of AIRHEART features the student actors and musicians of the Royal Crown Players, the theatrical club of Roslyn High School. 

AIRHEART A New American Musical


CHECK OUT AirHeart on iTunes and Apple Music   Also streaming on SPOTIFY  

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