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"Brad Frey is not only a stellar musician, but a world-class musical director.   He is adored by all of the actors with whom he works, in addition to the crew and other members of the production.  He is a master of the genre, and as a writer, I couldn't think of anyone else that I'd want to music direct my own pieces.  - Theater is extremely lucky to have Frey on board."  -  Andrew Hertz, Composer, Music Director & Teacher


Andrew is a multi-award winning composer, music director and teacher.  He resides in New York , performing loclly and through the nation.  He has appeared with Chevy Chase and the cast of Saturday Night Live, Jason Alexander, Ben Vereen and Jack Black, and has collaborated with and trained under Stephen Sondheim, Charles Strouse, Maury Yeston and Oskar Eustis, among others.  He has written a number of original musicals that have been performed both in New York and regionally.  Andrew received his BA in music from Brown University and his MFA in Musical Theatre Writing from the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

"I have known Brad Frey since 1989, when I joined chorus as an eighth grader. 13 years old is an awkward age for most, particularly when it comes to fostering a fledgling talent. That I could sing was news to most who knew me, myself specifically! But Brad was one of those once in a childhood kinds of teachers who was able to both support and encourage, without stifling. With his help, my talent flourished alongside my confidence. Needless to say, Brad's years of experience as a music educator and musical director meant that he was always invaluable when it came to selecting the right repertoire for my voice. He clearly did something right because after college i went on to study voice in London and then proceeded to embark on a successful ten year career in musical theatre in London's West End. I even share a 2004 Olivier Award for best performance in a supporting role in a musical. I have since retired from the stage to work as a specialist Voice Therapist in the health service, but as I look back at my career and love of singing, I feel that I owe a great deal to Brad Frey, without whom I wouldn't have had the courage and opportunity to go after my dreams."  -  Brian Saccente ,  Actor & Singer

Brian is a Olivier Award winning actor and singer.  He resides in London and has performed in West End productions of Jerry Springer: The Opera, Dirty Dancing the Musical, The Mikado and Phantom of the Opera.

"Brad Frey was an incredible music teacher for me. With his encouragement, guidance and imagination, he put me, both literally and figuratively, on a stage of the magnitude that other high schoolers can only dream of. It was that big stage that set me up to perform in front of the world for the rest of my life."           -  Darren Rovell ,  ESPN Sports Business Reporter & ABC Correspondent, Emmy Winner

"Outside of my parents, Mr. Frey had the most profound influence on my life during those essential formative high school years. Mr. Frey was my teacher in chorus, the leader of the small select singing group “Chamber Singers,” and the director/musical director for the high school’s theatre group, the Royal Crown Players (affectionately known to all as RCP). Mr. Frey was also my biggest cheerleader. In a world where studying, working hard, and caring about anything that isn’t considered “cool” by the popular kids is often ridiculed, Mr. Frey made a point to champion those attributes. It’s amazing what that will do to a student’s confidence. When you have someone constantly lifting you up, and recognizing you for the hard work you put in to something you love, it instills in you a determination that stays with you for the rest of your life. That is what Mr. Frey did for me, and I am happy to say that not only do I perform to this day, it is my career. As is often referenced, being an actor, and making a living being an actor, can be a difficult proposition, and if not for the confidence Mr. Frey gave me at that early stage, I doubt I would have been able to persevere through the hard times to get to the success I have achieved now. One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned, not just as it applies to theatre and performance, but for any aspect of life, was a motto of Mr. Frey’s. At the beginning of each rehearsal process for the musicals, he would sit the whole cast down and remind them that when they come to the auditorium for rehearsals, they are to “leave their ego at the door.” This is a phrase I share with my theatre students today. It is a reminder that we are all working towards something bigger than our own individual accomplishments. We are going to have disagreements, struggles, and off-days when we are stressed out, but when we are in this room together, that all goes away. This is where we create, grow, explore, and work towards making something great.


From a technical standpoint, Mr. Frey was elite. His piano playing skills alone were quite extraordinary, certainly above par for any chorus teacher (and I’ve known plenty). Additionally, his musicality and his ability to teach students of all abilities was exceptional. Rather than settling for simple choral pieces, he often chose more advanced material, a great example that we should never settle for what is easy."

 -  Michael Rosenblum ,  Actor & Singer


Mr. Frey was my music teacher in high school, as well as the head of our school's theatre program.   I remember fondly his passion for music, and how he shared that passion with his students.  He introduced us to a wide variety of musical worlds, and I remember many of the songs to this day!  He brought out the best in each student, yet always made sure we were having fun.  I look back on my high school years with great affection, and Mr. Frey is a big part of that.  Thanks to the life lessons and music lessons he shared with me, I was able to pursue a career in the arts with joy and confidence.

 -  Jeremy Cohen ,  Actor , Composer, Pianist & Singer

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