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FreyTunes Project Studio

A VOCAL COACH and AUDIO ENGINEER with over 30 years experience


Whether you’re looking to become the next Broadway star, a professional actor, or a master at singing in the shower, you can benefit from coaching and recording your voice.  As your coach I can train your ear, expand your range and find your own unique tone. I offer training on how to properly use the voice to get the best sound and avoid injury. Every voice is different, so my instruction is tailored to individual needs in order to develop the voice to its full potential. 

With my vast library and my extensive knowledge of musical theater and audio recording, I can find repertoire that match you and your voice in addition to developing a uniqueness in your performance along with the media so necessary in today's online world.

Brad's instruction and coaching has been extremely successful with former students  attending such schools as The Julliard School, Indiana School of Music, Carnegie Mellon, New England Conservatory,  Manhattan School of Music and Peabody along with professional theatrical and film actors. 

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